Joe Lance Williams (AKA JW)

He has performed live on stage with Carl Gardner Sr. for several years, personally hand picked by Carl in July 2001.

Born June 16,1949. Has performed live on stage with Carl Gardner the original lead singer and founder of The Coasters since 2001. He grew up in Ponchatoula,  Louisiana,  just 60  miles from the music capital of the south,his birth
place New Orleans, Louisiana, known as the “The Big Easy”. He grew to love the musical sound of country and western music. At the early age of nine years he was encouraged to develop his talent of singing and playing the guitar  when he realized he could play the rubber band box and finally the guitar in New Zion Baptist Church of his hometown. Mr. Williams is a very talented singer , musician/ song writer.  J.W. Can sing bass,baritone and tenor and has continued to be a asset to the continuation of the Original Coasters. J.W lives in the Bronx, New York.

Dennis Anderson- joined the group after the death of Carl Gardner in 2011.

Born October 11,1946 Started playing bass guitar for many groups including the Broadways and the Escorts. He came from a  gospel musical family and began singing in church at a very early age. In 1979, Dennis played  the role of Judas in Jesus Christ Super Star and 1982 Ain’t Misbehavin’. Over the years he performed on stage with other groups before joining The Coasters in 2011 after the death of Carl Gardner.(The original lead singer and founder of The Coasters). Dennis lives in Jackson, New Jersey.

He joined the Coasters in November 2009 after auditioning for Carl Sr. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Born December 26,1948. Joined The Coasters in November 2009 after auditioning for Carl Gardner. Nicknamed “Fast Eddie” Started singing when he was just a teenager and can sing both bass and baritone. He toured and recorded with group by the name of Neighbors Complaint. He was on their record “Piece Of Mind” His great bass really impresses on Charlie Brown, Zing With The Strings of My Heart and Yakety Yak. Eddie lives in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

He joined the Coasters in October 2008 after an audition for Carl Sr.

Born October 3,1952 . Joined The Coasters in October 2008 after an audition for Carl Gardner.  Primo has been singing since he was 10 years old. He teaches choreography and also produced many shows. He was also with the group Chapter One for several years and sang with the Intruders and many other professional groups. He has been a great asset to the continuation of the Original Coasters.  Primo lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Ray Sabatello – Guitarist, as our new Music Director who was one of the musicians on The 2014-15 National Tour of Smokey Joe’s Cafe.
  • Born in Queens, New York, and currently residing on Long Island, Ray Sabatello has been a professional musician his entire life. He began his professional career playing guitar and arranging music for many stylistically diverse bands. In the studio he has produced countless recordings for local and regional talent. On the national stage, Ray has been the music director for Grammy nominee, Sophie B. Hawkins and producer/collaborator for blues recording artist Little Mike and The Tornadoes.
  • He is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and publisher, and received his BFA from CW Post College as a guitar major. He holds a Masters Degree from SUNY Stony Brook and studied vocal composition and choral conducting at The Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Ray has played over 100 musicals as a pit orchestra guitarist. While working at The Gateway Playhouse in Bellport N.Y., he met The Coasters who were featured in “Smokey Joe’s Cafe.” He subsequently played The “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” 2014-15 National Tour with The Coasters. After the tour, Veta Gardner hired Ray as music director and guitarist for The Coasters and he has been working for them since February 2015.